Accompanying Fees

Accompanying Fees

Accompanying Fees


I'm a pianist recently graduated from an Honours degree in music performance. I've been accompanying with choirs with a predetermined hourly wage for rehearsals. However, I'm beginning to accompany AMEB exams too and am unsure how much to charge and how to structure my fee. Any advice?


I would suggest charging an hourly rate that suits you – there are some guides on the VMTA website (which can be found here: )

Bear in mind that this is a guide, and some people charge less, others charge more - particularly for higher grades, where the repertoire may be more involved.

So at $70 per hour (for example), you might have two half-hour rehearsals, plus a 15-minute exam with a mini-rehearsal beforehand. You would charge for 90 minutes, so $105 total.

Hope that helps!