Note From Us: January 2016

Note From Us: January 2016

Note From Us: January 2016

Welcome to the New Year! We hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday and is as excited for the year to come as we are.

As Megan travels around Europe, and we move into 2016, there’s plenty for us to celebrate. Our fabulous mentors are all ready to expertly answer your questions, whether they’re about starting a new course, moving away from your studies, or advice on how to specifically better a technique. To send a question simply move to our mentors page, and keep up to date on answers in the Q+A section.

We also start the year with a wonderful group of regular writers providing us with ‘Demystifying Music Technology’, ‘Madi’s Moments’, and a 'Spotlight on the Organ'. The beginning of our ‘Postcards’ segment - articles written by those studying music overseas is just a few weeks away, and our meet-and-greet is, too, edging closer. Again, keep an eye out for invites, and be ready to snap one up, fast!

Overall, we have what appears to be a fantastic year ahead, but don’t doubt it can be improved, especially with your input! As per usual we’d love to hear about any individual insight on rehearsal, and musical experience you may have and if you have something to say don’t hesitate to message us at

Happy New Year from all at REHEARSALmagazine!

Until next time,

Ellie Yorke,

Editor, REHEARSALmagazine

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