Note From Us: February 2016

Note From Us: February 2016

Note From Us: February 2016

So, we’ve made it through the first month of 2016; made resolutions, enjoyed the tail-end of the festive season, and finally we’re feeling the after-effects. Everyone’s heading back to work and school, and University begins soon - it’s the perfect time to start shaping the year into what we want it to be.

We encourage you to clarify your goals now, make concrete plans, and keep account for all the responsibilities you may already have. Get on top of any work you can do now, but be reasonable. Set targets to reach, record how it’s all going, and remember we’d love to hear of your individual experiences and practice habits. You can always send your thoughts and ideas to!

Let us help you get the best you can out of yourself. Use our resources and community to help you along the way. Does the idea of studying and playing music overseas leave you intrigued, terrified, or possibly both? Read the first in a series of pieces by those who have had the experience themselves. Feeling any anxiety starting a new course, or job, or maybe you’re just feeling a little rusty after the break? Our mentors are the perfect people to ask any question you may have!  Maybe you just want to broaden your musical knowledge? How about learning a little more about the Organ?

We’re really excited for what this year will bring you all, and the part REHEARSALmagazine can play in that. 

Until next time,

Ellie Yorke

Editor, REHEARSALmagazine

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