Mixing For A Musical

Mixing For A Musical

Mixing For A Musical


I'm using a Behringer X32 with digital stage box for mixing a live band in a musical. I was wondering if you knew the best way to sub mix the 7-8 drum kit inputs to one or two faders to make it easier to mix with the rest of the band and then do the same for the band. This way when mixing the show I will only have to deal with one bank of faders, not two?
Thanks in advance.


The traditional method of handling drum inputs is to assign all of of your drum channels to a stereo group. When you've set up all of your volumes, panning and EQ settings, you can assign each of these channels to the stereo group, and control overall level of the kit with a fader.

I'm not an X-32 user so the button pushing steps are not in my memory banks. 

If you have problems with setup, jump across to the Behringer Wiki:


I hope this helps.