So you want to write for us. Great! Here’s a rundown of the kind of content we’re looking for. We also have a style guide that we’d like you to follow in writing your piece, which incidentally should be kept to around 700 words. You can send us what you’d like to write about through the Contact page, or email us at We do have an editorial process, so we will have someone go over your work before it’s published for spelling and grammatical errors, and general readability.

Our current theme is Getting There, so we want submissions from you about your goals and how you’re working towards them. We’ll change our theme every couple of months, so check back in to see what’s next!

We also have several ongoing submission categories.

Our Postcards section is where we publish advice on, preparation for, and stories about international study and performance. If you or someone you know is studying overseas, or planning to, write something up for us! What has the planning been like so far? Were there issues you encountered you didn’t expect? What was it like when you got over there? What advice did you wish you’d been given? How do you buy a beer in Vienna? In Rome? Is it different to Australia? Studying and working in music overseas can be a daunting prospect: the more we can grow this bank of anecdotes, the better prepared everyone can be to share their talents (and get drunk – I mean, drink responsibly) internationally.

Our Rehearsal Room section is closer to home: here we want to hear from you and your music. Do you have exams coming up? Recitals? Competitions? Gigs? Other events? Tell us about them. What has your preparation been like? What are your practice habits like normally? Do they change? Have they changed over the years? Are you part of a chamber ensemble or band? Is that different from preparing your own solo stuff? What are you aiming for, and how do you get there? Tell us your story.

Also feel free to send us your selfies using #myrehearsalroom on Instagram and Facebook. What’s your practice space like? Do you have your own, or do you use a room at uni? Pianists – own your own piano? Sharing one? What’s that like? Does it have all its keys? Percussionists – where are all your instruments kept? All of you, other instrumentalists as well (yes I’m biased, as a pianist I lump you all together) – what’s your relationship with your instrument like? How long have you owned it? What went in to choosing it? The wand chooses the wizard Harry NO stay on topic Jess.

We want to hear what you think outside the practice room too. What are your thoughts about careers in music? How have they changed for yourself personally over the years? How do you feel about arts funding in Australia? How do you feel about the music that’s performed locally, nationally, internationally? What are your thoughts on Australian composition? What’s your favourite music or composer to play? Are you anti-Beethoven? Are you anti-Stockhausen? Why? Why not? Let us know! This is your chance to rant. We love a good rant.

And of course, if you don’t want to write an extended piece from your own perspective, but are interested in the thoughts of others, you can always submit specific questions directly to our mentors, over on the Mentors page. You can also email us with your ideas, if you have one but don’t want to write about it yourself – check out our Contact page and go from there.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you!