An online space for musicians to meet and share.

Re:hearsal Magazine is an online magazine dedicated to equipping young classical musicians with the skills they need to become successful, well-rounded artists. 

We bring music students together with professional musicians, in an open and confidential environment that promotes honest discussion and collaboration with the aim of equipping the next generation of Melbourne musicians with the knowledge they need to confidently enter and succeed in the music industry. We have found that the opportunity to voice concerns is of the utmost importance for music students, who face great difficulty accessing similar resources in their tertiary education. We deliver the opportunity for young musicians to reach professional mentors, including some of the best instrumentalists, vocalists and educators in the business, any time they need.

We are an online music publication, and do not publish a hard copy magazine. We are utilising the amazing breadth of the internet, so we can offer our articles and resources not just to local musicians, but to musicians all over the world! We are based in Melbourne, Australia, but we'd love to hear from you - regardless of your location.

If you want to know more, send us a line at We’re looking forward to hearing from you!


Our Team


Daniel Carison
David Ross-Smith
John and Elizabeth Wright-Smith

Andrew Batt-Rawden
Tim Hannah and Alison McIntosh
Dianne and Christopher Steller

Joseph Bertolini
Orlanda Bryars
Eileen and Geoff Carison
Tom D'ath
Kate Nelson
Rick and Belinda Prakhoff
Melbourne Philharmonia Project
Corryn Rattray


Associate Artists
Stefan Cassomenos
Ross Chapman
Madi Chwasta
Sara Curro
Ned Dixon
Karen Eaton
Matan Franco
Jorde Heys
Elliott Hughes
Andrea Katz
Daniele Martinie
Chiara Mastrilli
Alicia McGorlick
Emma Morrison
Timothy Newton
Gertrude Opera
Peggy Polias
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Kate Stephens
Martine Wengrow


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